FoodBeeper evolves
and is now Wajeez !

We have been delivering unparalleled convenience since 2018, ensuring people have easy access to anything they need. Now that we’ve grown as a business and expanded our range of services, we’ve decided to embark on an exciting journey under a new name: Wajeez.
While our commitment to provide the best delivery experience remains unwavering, Wajeez further embodies our mission to simplify daily routines and elevate convenience. Get ready for a fresher, faster, and smarter experience with Wajeez.

Explore our extensive delivery services

Our diverse range of delivery services caters to your every need, from food and groceries to custom errands.
A pizza, burger and fries combo arranged on a wooden board highlighting Wajeez Food delivery service.


Discover a variety of local restaurants to order your favorite meals or explore new options nearby!

A shopping bag filled with meat, vegetables, and fruit illustration Wajeez's fresh products delivery.


Get your daily supply of fresh produce, fish, meat, and bread delivered to your doorsteps.

Shopping basket full of  grocery products and everyday essentials.


Shop from home and fill your cart with groceries and everyday essentials delivered in minutes.

A delivery driver on green scooter with a Wajeez delivery box on back.


Buy, send, or receive anything you need! From your forgotten glasses to your phone accessories, if it’s in your city, we’ll handle it.

Phone with Wajeez app logo


Food, groceries and everything you
need in your city is taps away

Unwrap Rewards with Every Order

Embark on a rewarding journey with Wajeez, where every order is a source of savings, exclusive perks, and shared benefits.
Wajeez Rounds icon


Explore captivating short videos that allow you to discover new spots, engage with store offers, experience and share the discovery with your friends.

User reviews icon


Discover top-rated restaurants and stores with our user reviews that guide you to the best in your neighborhood.

In-app Wallet icon


Earn cashback on selected stores and spend more with our in-app wallet.

Rewards icon


Earn loyalty points with every order and unlock a world of rewards through our exclusive loyalty program.

Discounts icon


Save, track, and enjoy discounts effortlessly with a single tap on the discounts window.

Referral system icon


Refer friends to the app for a rewarding experience—earn your voucher when they make their first order, and treat them to a full month of free delivery.

Wajeez GOLD

Indulge in exclusive perks and unmatched convenience with our premium subscription service.

Cities where we deliver

Operating in diverse nations, we take pride in supporting local businesses and empowering our partners to thrive in the dynamic convenience economy.

Maqam Echahid or Martyrs Memorial monument in Algeria.

Join us at Wajeez

People working on laptops at a table, collaborating and focusing on their tasks.

Join our Team

Join our dynamic team for an exceptional experience that consistently propels you to excel and thrive.

checkout tablet at a store or restaurant.

Become a Partner

Partner with us to unlock new revenue streams for your business and offer your clients a seamless delivery experience.

A delivery man riding his scooter with a green Wajeez box on his back.

Become a Courier

Join our courier team to benefit from a sustainable income and flexible working hours.

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About Us

Wajeez is an African on-demand delivery startup. Our user-friendly mobile app connects users with a vast network of restaurants, grocery stores, and other services, giving them easy access to whatever they need in the shortest possible time, redefining convenience in the service industry.

Operating in select countries, we are committed to supporting local businesses and fostering a thriving ecosystem within the rapidly evolving service economy.

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